Zen Custom-Made Interior Design Service

June 4,2015

zen-toppp“Living in the ART.” We offer the ability to create an environment that enhances the quality of life through specialized techniques of skilled Japanese carpenters.The “Daiku,” which is directly translates into “Masters of wood”, are traditional Japanese craftsmen who hand select and carve the piece of wood and conbine traditional art to reflect the timeless beauty.


Our Zen Custom-Made Interior Service creates durable and graceful interiors, according to your specifications.This custom tailored service consists of a complete package from conceptual design to the continued maintenance after project completion.
This “One Window Service” policy is our primary goal in providing effortless planning and maintenance via one point of contact.

Pure Japan:
The Pure Japan Plan offers the style of traditional Japanese Interiors. The attention to detail shows the graceful quality of the work performed by the Japanese craftsman. the core belief and concept of traditional Japanese carpentry, as well as those of the Japanese mindset, is the one must “work with nature; do not go against nature.” Japanese interior design has been renovated for its simple beauty, utility,grace and its harmony with the natural world.04urushi5
The graceful interior enhances the quality of life by exemplifying true artistic detail.Today, a lot of customers outside of Japan are incorporating Japanese features in their homes and gardens. These Customers come to appreciate the way in which materials (such as URUSHI, Colors, Patterns, and Shapes) are interwoven in especially unique and evocative way.

Each material creates a warm, harmonious, highly comfortable and sophisticated function which
leads you to a heavenly environment.

01keyaki-kakouThis integrated room conveys the delightful feeling.

Modern Japan:
The Modern Japan plan offers the most stylish and contemporary Japanese interior design. This design is harmonized with both Western and Japanese cultural aspects.
Experience this sophisticated and artistic room plan.

Traditionally, the wood is selected because it is one of the most effective construction materials used due to its durability and energy saving functions. Moreover, the value of wood is highly regarded since consumers are now
recognizing the negative effects of installing artificial construction materials which may contain asbestos.
Cleary, installing natural resource is not only valuable solution, but it also promotes positive health benefits for daily living.


Premium Custom:
The Premium Custom plan offers a complete custom-made interior service based upon a client`s creativity.
West Wing Corporation is committed to providing the most unique and creative interior plan with the highest quality of Japanese craftsmanship.

zen-1Our goal is to create an environment that enhances its value for a life.
01keyaki9We offer high quality custom-made furniture service.
03sugi5-kakou West Wing Corporation is committed to providing the most unique and creative interior plan with the highest quality of Japanese craftsmanship. Our complete custom-made interior service offers total support from conceptual design to maintenance after project completion.
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