Business Expansion to North American

We provide total support for companies expanding their business into North America.

Such services include planning support, development for office buildings, food manufacturing, distribution warehouses, precision machinery and production plants.
Now more than ever, we believe there has been an increasing importance and global focus placed on food safety.
For Japanese and other foreign food companies planning to expand into the U.S market or increase production, we offer total project support by providing information and know-how about various safety standards, hygiene management equipment, design and construction, machinery installation, and maintenance methods.

Solutions provided by WWC

01. Construction
We establish a base of operations for companies from the ground up. We offer reliable, comprehensive support by providing basic designs and implementation designs, equipment designs, and both interior coordination and design management.
Our construction support starts from the very beginning and continues all the way up until completion. Our high-quality service is achieved by carefully analyzing our customers' management resources and corporate and branch expansion strategies, leading to exceptional results that not only meet, but exceed the expectations and requests of our clients.

02. Consulting & Construction Management Service
We assist with local market research, coordination and compliance with the local government, due diligence, management and operation of local construction companies and affiliated companies, and guidance for mechanical installations for customer and corporate projects for expansion in North America, Europe, and Asia—from locations all over the world.

03. Engineering
We conduct local procurement research and facility design to create facilities and production factory line equipment of the same quality and nature of those in Japan.
In addition, we acquire licenses and process UL & NSF approval of manufacturing machinery when importing machinery into North America from Japan and abroad. After government negotiations for new production lines are completed, and once approval has been both acquired and confirmed, we offer our support and services for factory construction and equipment installation.

04. Marketing
We offer complete support and problem-solving services, from utilizing market research to put your business on the right track, to starting brand-new companies or branches, to branding strategies, web site and business development, as well as sales promotion. We believe that, in order to develop and introduce new businesses to Europe and the United States, it is impertinent to have a clear brand identity and image.
By targeting different, local areas and developing a loyal customer base, we strive to improve the brand awareness of your product. We offer assistance that can make this a reality by producing new store locations, designing in-store tools, engaging in media promotion, and by developing new channels of promotion.


Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Development

With over 30 years of experience in the field, we offer with confidence and pride our comprehensive support services for commercial and industrial real estate development.

We provide a full range of real estate development support, including new commercial real estate development, restoration of existing properties, support for opening branches, and establishment of joint business ventures with real estate investors abroad.
We also offer investment planning and management, development planning, candidate site research and due diligence, provisional approval and advance development negotiations with government offices, development business plans, design and construction, and management and operation.

Our work does not end at the construction stage.
In addition to our planning and constructions services, we also manage comprehensive tenant relations services, including building maintenance, strategies for attracting tenants, rental proxy services, budget management, and creating management plan proposals.


Commitment to Japanese Quality and Culture

In Japan, where it is often said that "the best of things are those made by the hand," we place a high value on visual aesthetics and the quality of craftsmanship.

Time-tested techniques passed on from those before us, such as the assessment of natural elements including light and environment when determining the optimal position and usage of wood, are used in tandem with modern, cutting-edge techniques to provide clients with the highest quality of results.

WWC's Commitments

Attention-to-detail and Quality Given at Each and Every Level
From the designing and planning stage to the final stages of implementation and construction, here at WWC we are committed to maximizing client satisfaction and offering the highest quality of service.
Whether you are starting with a clean slate and a vacant lot, or are looking to remodel or expand, we are here to listen to and assist you with your plans and make your dreams a reality.

Commitment to Precision
Here at WWC, we strongly believe in absolute perfection. As we strive to provide superior results, we equip ourselves with the most precise machines and utilize the most effective technology, while completing our work in a timely manner.
We are confident in our ability to produce the buildings and projects you have in mind with perfection because you are constantly reminded of our greatest goal and priority: for our clients to feel the first-hand commitment and pride we share.

Spirit of Craftsmanship
We strongly believe that even the smallest of differences can greatly affect the finished product.
That is why we are committed to using the highest-quality wood and raw materials, which we acquire and shape with meticulous precision, implement with grace, and finish with an end-result with value that lasts a lifetime.