Phiaro Inc.

Research & Development

  • Client:Phiaro Inc
  • Project Completion: Feb,2002
  • Work Executed:Location Select
    Due Diligence
    Soundproof Engineering
  • Floor Space: 32500 sq. ft
  • Location:Irvine, CA


Phiaro recognized as one of world’s leading automotive model maker. In this project, we developed their new office/R&D center in Southern California that has become the center of international automobile design.


Design in Pursuit of Functionality & Aesthetics
Serving as an R&D Center for automotive design, this office building needed to have the structural ability to withstand a range of harsh processes such as fabrication of automobile models, welding, painting and so forth.
In light of these aspects, we designed the office building in pursuit of both functionality and design ideas.
Practically, on the functionality side, the building was designed to have structural foundations that are strong enough to support the weight of installed equipment and expels dust and harmful gas outside, whereas, on the design side, it was designed to have plenty of natural sunlight that fills the space as well as to give a bright impression and sharp, modern appearance.

Use of Retouched Photos

Under our company’s confidentiality and compliance agreement, some indoor equipment and people associated with this project are shown in retouched photos.