Phiaro Corporation Inc.

Research & Development

  • Client:Phiaro Corporation
  • Project Completion: August,2007
  • Work Executed:Concept Design
    Construction Management
    CM Service
  • Floor Space:- sq. ft
  • Location:Saitama-Prefecture, Japan


In 1939, PHIARO CORPORATION started their business in Edogawa, Tokyo, Japan.
Our company participated in and won the competition for the reconstruction of PHIARO GROUP’s head office building, which commemorated the 40th anniversary of their business.
While exercising their special, skillful technologies and cutting-edge production systems, PHIARO GROUP continues to direct their focus towards the achievement of excellent product manufacturing that is desired by many clients.
In a well-balanced production environment, their coherent process management system exerts prominent collective strength and makes PHIARO GROUP famous for their high accuracy product development, primarily in automotive industries.


Concept Design
The client’s work fields cover styling & modeling, engineering, and prototypes & production. Such a wide spectrum of areas always requires creative sense, artistic nature and high quality modeling, and furthermore, achievement cannot be realized without earnest development work that is based on advanced systems.
Bearing these aspects in mind, we firstly analyzed and focused on the building’s façade interior design, confidentiality within the plant and the whole image and worker’s traffic line of the plant, and then started to make a design sketch of the head office building.
Our design concept was to allow sunny, sharp images to manifest in the entire building. A limited space in the front of this building serves as a pavilion that is designed to exhibit not only their latest product lines, but also their passion for creativity.

Use of Retouched Photos

Under our company’s confidentiality and compliance agreement, some indoor equipment and people associated with this project are shown in retouched photos.