Otafuku Foods Inc.

Food manufacturing plant

  • Client:Otafuku Foods, Inc.
  • Project Completion: September, 2013
  • Work Executed:Planning, site selection, design, construction
  • Floor Space:17,000 sq. ft
  • Location:13117 Molette St, Santa Fe Springs, CA. 90670


Otafuku, one of Japan’s leading seasoning manufacturers, expanded into the U.S. in 1998 when it established a local subsidiary to sell its own products.
In 2013, they purchased property in Santa Fe Springs, California with the aim of expanding U.S. sales through a localization shift in development and manufacturing.
On this property, they established a sauce manufacturing plant that includes offices and R&D facilities. Our company provided many services for this project, from site selection to design and construction.


1. Site selection
Site selection was the first major challenge we faced for this project. We inspected several sites with the client and broker, comparing them from many different angles. After considering the price, convenience, and environment of the different locations, we decided to establish the plant in Santa Fe Springs for its geographic relationship.
Santa Fe provided a great location due to its connection to Japanese food product wholesale, and the future increase in transportation convenience expected from the expansion of the Interstate 5.

2. Designing a plant for viewing and large-scale renovations
According to the client’s wishes, we designed the new facility with offices, a test kitchen, and R&D and manufacturing areas that could accommodate visitors.
All facilities were designed with walkways for viewing tours, and walls were constructed with plenty of window space for easy viewing of plant operations.
Despite wide-ranging construction challenges, beginning with requirements for storing heavy machinery and utility upgrades, constructing new loading docks, exterior facilities, and roofing, we were able to systematically accomplish these tasks safely and smoothly.

3. Coordination concerning production equipment
Equipment for the sauce production facilities were provided by vendors in both Japan and the U.S.
We managed this challenge by negotiating with all parties involved, including making scheduling adjustments to accommodate provision and plumbing for necessary utilities, as well as equipment vendors. During the UL, NSF, and other certification processes for the facilities, we coordinated and negotiated with clients and agents, certification organizations, and administrative bodies to ensure that certification could be obtained without any problems.

Use of Retouched Photos

Under our company’s confidentiality and compliance agreement, some indoor equipment and people associated with this project are shown in retouched photos.