Minamoto Kitchoan

Retail store

  • Client:U.S.A. K.Minamoto Co., Inc.
  • Project Completion: June, 2014
  • Work Executed:Design, construction
  • Floor Space:1,500 sq. ft
  • Location:1063 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA. 92660


For this project, we provided design and construction for the overseas expansion of Japanese confection manufacturer and distributor Minamoto Kitchoan, which opened its store in the Fashion Island shopping center in Newport Beach, California.


1. Coordinating between Japan and the U.S. on design
In order to implement the design that our Japanese clients requested, we had to create a construction plan that complied with U.S. building regulations based on the foundational layout drawn up in Japan. All finishing touches and details were required to meet the design standards of the shopping center owner, the Irvine Company. The differences between Japanese and American laws, as well as those between the design preferences of the client and of the Irvine Company, required us to negotiate extensively to match the client’s wishes as much as possible, and design very quickly to adjust to any changes.

2. Cooperating with the Japan-side on construction
Many materials for furnishings in the shop and finishing touches were supplied from Japan and installed on-site. In other cases, it was necessary to coordinate between Japan and the U.S. to bring in semi-processed goods from Japan to be assembled stateside. With advanced coordination and through the management of on-site work, we were able to provide otherwise hard-to-come-by furnishings and detailed finishes while maintaining both quality and speed.