JAE Electronics Inc.

Office/testing center

  • Client:JAE Electronics, Inc.
  • Project Completion: March, 2015
  • Work Executed:PM and CM services (design/construction)
  • Floor Space:7,700 sq. ft (office)
    3,000 sq. ft (testing center)
  • Location:1100 West Park One Drive, Sugar Land, TX. 77478


We were contracted by the U.S. subsidiary of JAE Electronics to design and construct offices located near Houston, Texas, as well as a product repair center. We handled this project from the ground up, starting with a vacant lot in a remote location, with our design builder acting as on-site project manager.


1. Building under special conditions (non-magnetic building)
The calibration building needed to be a non-magnetic building, meaning that there could be no metal used throughout the entire building, so as to not interfere with electronic measuring instruments.
To address these restrictions, we explored many possible challenges at the design stage, including the location of the building and the materials used.
At the construction stage we also carried out strict quality control, conducting meticulous tests and inspections to prevent metal contamination, including metal fragment contamination while pouring concrete, and ensuring that all nails used were a specific, non-magnetic type of stainless steel.

2. Large-scale project in a remote location
Because the building site was located some distance from Houston, Texas, we carried out this project in a management-style from beginning to end, from design to construction, with an on-site coordinator and partner businesses to ensure quality and speed.
The project progressed using a difficult remote management style, for which weekly reports were generated, weekly meetings held, and both instructions and reports sent in a timely manner.

Use of Retouched Photos

Under our company’s confidentiality and compliance agreement, some indoor equipment and people associated with this project are shown in retouched photos.