Imuraya USA Inc.

Food manufacturing plant

  • Client:Imuraya USA, Inc.
  • Project Completion: October, 2010
  • Work Executed:Planning, site selection, design, construction
  • Floor Space:39,000 sq. ft
  • Location:2502 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA. 92606


For this project, we designed and constructed a fully operational ice cream factory. We began with business analysis and site selection for the North American expansion of one of Japan’s leading ice cream makers, Imuraya.
To accomplish our tasks, we met with a team of leading U.S. ice cream equipment, freezer, and refrigerator manufacturers, and through our integrated management, constructed their office, production, and freezing/refrigeration facilities, as well as planned and executed subleases for warehouses to house heavy machinery.


1. Coordinating construction with plant equipment
This project required a great deal of coordination between the design and equipment sides to ensure all the necessary utilities were provided for the installation of production and cleaning equipment.
The project also required close coordination between the building and equipment designs, making large layout adjustments to ensure optimal setup of equipment lines.
We were also able to make procedure and scheduling modifications on both the construction and design sides during the project to ensure safety and quality control, and that the project proceeded smoothly.

2. Layout inside the building
We worked tirelessly to produce a layout inside the building that could be efficiently utilized for office space, manufacturing, and cold storage.
We also looked at a wide range of patterns and possibilities from the planning stage to the actual design in order to address the challenge of effectively using space. This layout plan ultimately allowed us to achieve the desirable end-result of an exceptional and well-balanced layout that addressed all of our challenges

Use of Retouched Photos

Under our company’s confidentiality and compliance agreement, some indoor equipment and people associated with this project are shown in retouched photos.