Hoyu America Co., Ltd

Research & Development

Quality Control Lab

  • Client:Hoyu America Co., LTD
  • Project Completion: May, 2012
  • Work Executed: Interior Design
  • Floor Space:1,255 sq. ft
  • Location:Cypress, CA


The Owner of this project is again Hoyu America, which is the US-based affiliate of Japan’s biggest hair dye company, HOYU Co., Ltd. In the establishment of their QC laboratory, Hoyu America gave us the opportunity to offer design and interior work services.


As the main drain had been installed at the north side of the sewer, we laid out all water supply/drainage points along the main drain line in order to save construction costs.

Use of Retouched Photos

Under our company’s confidentiality and compliance agreement, some indoor equipment and people associated with this project are shown in retouched photos.