Designer restaurant

  • Client:Orange Marine Corporation
  • Project Completion: October, 2007
  • Work Executed:Interior design, layout, construction
  • Floor Space:1,580 sq. ft
  • Location:3923 Portola Parkway, Irvine, CA 92602


Ayame is a Japanese restaurant that opened in a shopping center developed in Irvine, California. This is the second location from Japanese restaurant, Zipangu, for which our firm handled construction in 2004. This was an integrated design and construction project.


1. Meeting the client’s demands and the design standards of The Irvine Company
At the design stage, we were required to closely investigate and adhere to a number of detailed design standards of the Irvine Company.
Additionally, we conducted several negotiations with the Irvine Company throughout the entire project. When negotiating, we made sure to take their position and requests into account, balance design requests and cost constraints, and make adjustments accordingly.
In the end, we were able to create sample boards that satisfied both the Irvine’s design standards and our client’s demands, and obtained plan approval within our deadline.

2. Strict regulations of the Irvine Company
At the construction stage, we encountered further regulations and restrictions such as, Availability of construction materials, Work hours, Noise complaints from adjacent tenants.
An inspector from the Irvine Company was permanently stationed on-site to ensure complete regulatory compliance. Our work processes were also restricted, causing schedule management difficulties.
However, thanks to careful communication with the Irvine Company, we were able to complete construction within the planned period without incident.
We were also able to leverage our own experience with integrated design and construction contracting to appropriately respond to mid-construction design changes through quick and close in-house coordination.